Help Bath BMX grow

Bath BMX Club are currently applying for:

– A ‘Community Asset Transfer’ (CAT)
– A grant from the ‘Neighbourhood Portion of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for

Background Information:

Bath BMX Club uses and maintains the Tumps BMX track which is located at Odd Down Sports Ground. The club provides BMX coaching, open gate sessions and local and regional race opportunities for a number of young people and adults from Bath and the surrounding area. The Track, locally known as ‘The Tumps’ has been around since at least 1983. It is currently owned by Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council and understood to be
on the site of an old landfill site.

The club has approximately 64 members, spanning a huge age range from 3- 57 years old. The club actively encourages new riders and offers a range of coaching sessions to cater for both novice riders as well intermediate and seasoned experts. The club has a small selection of bikes and protective equipment, which can be borrowed by those wishing to try the sport at no cost.

Many of its members are recognised champions- both British and World! This evidences the quality of riders that the club has helped nurture and develop.
We are requesting support from members of the local community and organisations such as yourself in order that Bath BMX can pursue a Community Asset transfer (CAT) and a Neighbourhood Portion of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

This would allow Bath BMX club to:

– Gain certainty over the duration of the lease to ensure it is long enough, so that the club can raise funds to manage the maintenance of the facility throughout the term of the lease.
– Improve facilities at the club including the start gate, track and safety fencing.
– Ensure that the track is fit for purpose and provides further opportunities for the local community to use the facilities.

We would request that you acknowledge your support by responding to this post, emailing (please
include the first part of you postcode) or by completing the following survey:

Many thanks- Bath BMX Club