Bath BMX Club gate wrap design competition

Bath BMX Club are offering all its members an opportunity to show off their artistic skills and have their work displayed at the track everytime the new gate is lifted. We are asking for artistic and unique designs for the vinyl wrap on the front of the brand new start gate. The template design can be found here (hyperlink needed). It can be printed either on A4 or A3 if you need extra space. The will be some blank templates available at the track aswell. The template is scaled to actual size so designs need to be made on either A4 of A3 paper.

Once you have completed your design you can either scan it and e-mail it to or hand it in at the track where we will keep a folder in the container to store the designs. The deadline for submitting your designs will be 31st May 2024 so get designing. The winning design will be announced in June and unveiled shortly after.

There are some rules to your designs these are as follows:

1. Design must include the club logo at least once.

2. Keep the design simple beneath the grey outlined boxes,

     our sponsors logos will go here.

3. Dashed lines show each gate and is for guidance

4. The image is scaled and can be printed on A4 or A3

     if you want more room.

5. Get Creative and have fun.

6. Competiton is only open to fully paid up membersof Bath BMX Club if you’re not a member

     and want to take part join the club, get designing, good luck!

Happy designing and we are looking forward to seeing your colourful artworks